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Water damage in Tigard, OR

Hardwoods are such a nice part of a home, they are clean and timeless. For many they are a huge selling point when looking for a home. We recently had a custome... READ MORE

Ice Maker break in Sherwood, OR

How nice is it to be able to walk to your refrigerator and get a nice ice cold glass of water? It is so nice and convenient, unless the supply line breaks and c... READ MORE

Water coming through a ceiling in Wilsonville, OR

A customer who had helped years ago called us last month. They had noticed water coming through their ceiling through the light fixtures. They knew that was not... READ MORE

Supply Line break in Tigard, OR

Recently our office manager took in a call with a customer who walked into their home and instantly was in a puddle. They had a supply line break in a powder ro... READ MORE

Dishwasher leak in Tualatin, OR

A dishwasher is one of the most used appliances in your home. We turn it on and don't think about, we come back an hour or so latter and the dished are clean an... READ MORE

Water Damage in Tigard, Mid Renovations

Recently a homeowner had been having work done in their Tigard home. They where having new flooring installed as well as paint and trim updated and touched up. ... READ MORE